The Art of Blackness
2016 Exhibition

In the world of artist-led initiatives and passion projects, five years is a very long time. Since our humble beginning in 2012, the Art of Blackness exhibition is still the only national group art show dedicated to furthering the presence of African Americans in the fields of art, design and advertising.

This years creative was the result of a five month sprint including:three photographers, five event promo-graphics and two interns that culminated in our biggest opening night yet with over 750 guests.

David Anthony Geary – Photography (event promo)
Jasmine Durhal – Photography (event promo)
Alan Davis – Photography (event promo)
Marcus McCoy – Art Direction (event pins)
Alisha Barnaby – Art Direction (event tags)
Vel Kaum – Photography (event photography)
RJ Eldridge РPhotography (event photography)
Mamadou Sewa Bah – Photography (event photography)
LaShun Tines – Creative Direction and Design

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